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The new SimplAir® piping system from Ingersoll Rand uses marine-grade aluminum pipes to efficiently distribute leak-free supplies of high-flow compressed air and other inert gasses — and support vacuum systems as well. For lower cost, higher performance, easier installation, and less maintenance than systems made of competing materials, the Simplair® piping system is the best choice.



The Simplair® piping system’s high-quality, marine-grade aluminum construction delivers cost savings at all stages of ownership. Significantly lighter weight than competing steel systems, Simplair® is the more economical choice at the time of purchase. Quick-connect fittings combine with lightweight piping without the need for expensive tools or trained installers, so assembly is faster and costs less. The Simplair® system’s pipes are stronger than plastic and more corrosion resistant than steel and its leak-free fittings reduce the need for routine maintenance and lower the likelihood of unexpected repairs. These features combine to create a superior piping design that maximizes system efficiency for the lowest total cost of ownership.



A piping system with cleaner interior surfaces helps promote the smooth, laminar flow of the fluid it transports, reducing turbulence and associated pressure losses. The Simplair® system’s marine-grade aluminum construction provides superior corrosion resistance to keep pipe interior surfaces free of the oxidation-based contamination that can occur with steel systems — contamination that can not only cause turbulence and pressure loss, but also cause problems if corrosion-related debris enters sensitive equipment.



Simplair® piping is available in a wide range of outer diameter sizes from 3/4" to 8" (20 mm to 220 mm) to serve nearly any application. High-quality, all-metal, easy-to-install fittings make it easy for users to design and construct their own systems without the need for professional installers.

An integrated air delivery system

An integrated air delivery system

The Simplair® piping system easily supports multiple drop pipes, which are commonly used to connect various machines and equipment to a header pipe. Although drop pipes have smaller diameters than header pipes, the Simplair® system makes it easy to join them together.

An integrated air delivery system

Easy drop pipe connection

Attach saddle clamp with female threaded connector to header pipe

Screw male threaded connector into female connector

Attach drop piping to connector

It’s easy to design and install an efficient,

effective Simplair® piping system for virtually any application.

The efficient design of the Outlet Reducing Tee allows air to reach the point-of-use while draining water toward the most convenient low point of the system.

This prevents water from dropping out of  the main piping loop into the drop line.

The Outlet Reducing Tee is a convenient, low cost alternative to the traditional swan neck/goose neck design. All systems should be installed with a slight gradient to allow moisture to collect at one point in the system.

This point should be fitted with a drop line and terminated with a condensate drain.

This particular internal geometric shape allows the fitting to be used vertically as well as horizontally. During horizontal installation, keep the two internal holes turned up toward the upper side.

Connections you can count on

Simplair® piping features two unique fitting systems that are designed to eliminate pressure losses and air leakage. Assembly is the fastest and easiest of any piping system on the market, requiring no welding, gluing, threading, or special skills to achieve professional installation results.